Thoughts from the Library Learning Commons

by: Jennifer Aston

An Inquiry on Multilingualism in the Library Learning Commons (Part 1)

Multilingualism is generally understood to mean knowledge of more languages than a native language. It is a language term that moves from monolingualism (knowing one language) beyond bilingualism (knowing two languages) into the realm of knowing many, or multiple, languages. This year, our school is taking part in an “Inclusive Libraries” project. During our first meeting, my principal, a colleague and I had an actual full day in-person PD with a wonderful breakfast and.. Read More

Creating Read-Aloud Calendars

My blog has been badly neglected in the past few months and today I am firing it up to post a couple of blog posts (by request). Let’s start with why. Why did I start making these calendars in the first place? Initially, I started making them to respond to a need in my own school community. I had some evidence that some of the youngest students at my school were not being.. Read More

To Website or Not to Website?

One thing that has been on my “to do” list this summer is to create a Website for our Library Learning Commons. I am blogging about it today so that I can figure out why it may or may not be worthwhile and talk it through. So for the LLC website I have been thinking about the following questions: Question 1: Why a Website and not Google Classroom or some other platform? First,.. Read More

S.T.E.A.M. Dreams

Next year, I will be a 0.7 Teacher-Librarian and a 0.3 classroom teacher. I am going to hold back on saying which grade I am teaching right now until the fall, when school returns. This past year my 0.3 consisted of some small group reading instruction with Grade 1 students and teaching Drama, Dance & Music in grades 1, 2 and in a 3/4 class. I enjoyed it a lot, but these art.. Read More

Covid Finally Caught Me.

For nearly two and half years, my family has been really cautious and Covid-free. That is, until recently. We have been using N95 masks, we were all vaccinated as much as we could be. We were vigilant. However, in June, like many, we started letting down our guards as restrictions everywhere in Ontario eased. Did I go to a couple of stores without a mask? Did we start wearing 3 layer blue masks.. Read More

Leadership & Student Elections

This week, I have had both of these things on my mind. They might be two separate blogs, but I will see if I can make sense of it here. A few weeks ago, I sent out a message to staff – is there a class interested in partnering to hold a student election? I had ordered materials from CIVIX last fall for the Federal election and never had the opportunity to use.. Read More

Banned & Challenged Books

For the past few weeks, I have been following the story of “The Great Bear“, a book by Cree author, David A. Robertson, that was being challenged at the Durham District School Board. My friend and colleague Daniel Tooker has been reading this book out loud with his Grade 5/6 class. Last year, they read the first book in the series “The Barren Grounds” (which admittedly, I just started). He and I followed.. Read More

Filling-in for Fail-to-Fills

Say that ten times fast. My thanks to Doug and Stephen for including my return to blogging in their TWIOE (This Week in Ontario Educator Blogs) a few weeks ago. I enjoyed listening (and I promise I listened to it all and not just my part!). I love that Doug remembered my colourful language when we met in person years ago! That made me chuckle. I have calmed down since then (actually that’s.. Read More

Can I go car-free?

My e-bike will be arriving soon. I ordered it in January, using money I had earned through some writing that I did through the lens of Sustainable Global Development Goal #13: Climate Action. You cannot write about climate change and action for four months and not feel the need to do something more about climate change. Beyond beekeeping of course… I have been reading and following “Car-Free mama” ( through her blog and.. Read More

What Blogging Can Lead to…

My blog has been pretty silent for a while. It is not that I do not have anything to say, it’s just that I have been doing some formal writing this past fall and winter. I even got paid for it! And well, the iron-clad agreement I had to sign prohibits me from talking about for whom I worked and what I wrote. It will be published soon and a few items might.. Read More

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