This week, I started a Teacher-Librarian Part 2 course through Queen’s University. I was concerned that taking the course would mean the end of my already sporadic blog. But here I am writing! The first week of this course has been really inspiring. The tasks and discussions are fun, engaging, and I am enjoying reading and replying in different discussions related to being a Teacher-Librarian with people who are in the role (this was not always the case in Part 1).

I was particularly proud of this creation that I made after reading the journal “Exemplary Teacher Librarians of Ontario” by Klinger, Lee, Stephenson, Deluca and Luu of Queen’s University in collaboration with People for Education. Essentially, they took a look at different Library Learning Commons and Teacher-Librarians and created a rubric with Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. They based the criteria on research and what they know impacts student learning the most in the Library Learning Commons. Spoiler alert! Sadly, they were only able to give these exemplary TLs a Level 3 as there are some systemic barriers that prevent the possibility of Level 4 being achieved. Huh. Without reliable funding and honouring the time in the LLC, Level 4 or an A+ can be hard to achieve.

My task was to create a mind map to document my learning. If I were to imagine a Level 4 TL based on the article, what would it look like? And, it may not come as a surprise that I used Canva for this. Other people in the course also did. One that impressed me was one organized by circle of control vs. not in your circle of control. Fascinating.

In any case, this is what I came up with. What would you add?

In case the font is too small to read, click here for a link to my original.

Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash